Leverage An Entire Team of Commission-Based SDRs With Pre-Built Sales And Marketing Systems

Success We've Had

8 Industries

19 Businesses

1,000+ Meetings Booked

$3.7 Million Business Generated

Our Process


You don't need to spend any time training or managing us.We prepare ourselves to sell your business services better than any individual rep could.Our self-onboarding process only requires a few hours of time from your business before we are fully ramped up.

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We Book You Sales Meetings

After providing the onboarding information, we don't ask any more of your business.We provide all the systems, technology, and manpower required to run complete lead generation campaigns.Calls with qualified prospects are booked directly into the calendar.

You Close New Business

Our goal isn't to just book you meetings, it is for you to sign new deals and increase revenue.As commission-based reps your ROI with us is guaranteed.

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Case Studies


Filling An Empty Pipeline With Millions Of Dollars In Business

Lucé Media is a marketing agency for medical treatments and health clinics.Prior to engaging Lead Caesars, they had relied on external reps of medical equipment companies to affiliate for them.We built them an entire marketing funnel with a landing page, a sales letter, and new positioning.We then began our omnichannel lead generation sequences and have been booking daily sales calls with high-quality prospects for the founder Mark Toney.The current pipeline is valued at $2.8 million.

$60,000 In New Contracts From 3 Emails

Dan Tsarfaty, the founder of The Urban Tech Company, approached us after his tech recruitment company took a large hit during the scamdemic.He knew he needed new channels and new sales reps to breathe life and vigour back into his sales floor.We helped The Urban Tech Company bring in over $60,000 of new contracts in the first month just from cold email.Our team has also visited their offices in London to provide live training and in-person work in 2023.

OnTarget Restoration Marketing Calendly

Successfully Launching A Brand New Agency

The owner of OnTarget Media Group, Fernando Torres, asked us to assist his company to launch a new venture in the construction industry.OnTarget Restoration Marketing provides niche digital marketing services for restoration and mitigation businesses in the US.We helped craft the marketing and sales foundations and the business is now flourishing.Our goals for 2024 are to scale OnTarget into the market leader for restoration marketing and to expand into the content and mitigation niches as well.

Expanding Markets Doubles Annual Revenue

Jefferson Digital founder Aidan Jefferson had built a 6-figure a month consulting business solely in the Australian real estate market.We helped him expand to the North American and British markets as well.His new offer quickly scaled to the same level as his Australian one, and he doubled his annual revenue in just 7 months.*Note: Aidan has now rebranded his shared conglomerate to Generate Listings.

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